Yep, they all them teeth gotta go!

The man looks to have a justified gripe in this case but I hope he learned to GET A SECOND OPINION for such a drastic procedure!

Man Sues Dentist Who Yanked All His Teeth.

A dentist needlessly yanked 28 teeth from a 23-year-old patient, the man claims in court.

Skyler A. King sued Mark D. Meyers DDS dba Eat Right Dentures/Same Day Dentures in St. Louis County Court.

King says in the lawsuit that he sought treatment from Meyers on May 7, 2009, for an abscessed tooth.

Meyers told King, then 23, that all of his teeth needed extracting or he would be at risk for fatal blood poisoning, King claims in the lawsuit.

King claims in the lawsuit that given his young age, dental implants would be the best treatment solution. The cost for implants over King’s lifetime is approximately $130,000, the complaint states.

Similar story here. Another one from Poland which turned out to be a hoax. But this appeared in a credible source, a legal news reporting service. It’s not a hoax. Other experts will testify that the medical chart on King was  woefully inadequate. He later learned that the diagnosis was faulty and most of his teeth were treatable and did not need to be extracted.

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  1. busterggi
    April 25, 2014 at 8:42 AM

    Sky King? The old time radio/early tv character?

    Are you sure this isn’t a hoax?

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