Tinted windows in Zambia means you’re a Satanist

Villagers rioted and acused teachers in a local school of practicing Satanism.

Mpika villagers accuse teachers of satanism.

OVER two hundred villagers from Mapoma and surrounding areas in chief Kopa’s area on Wednesday rioted and threatened to beat up teachers at Mapoma Basic School, accusing them of practising Satanism.

Sinkamba said the villagers started accusing teachers of involvement in Satanism when Ngosa bought a car with tinted windows.

Sinkamba explained that the villagers’ superstition heightened when two female pupils, a grade eight and nine, were attacked by fits in their respective homes, which they blamed on the teachers.

The school is now closed as the villagers chased away teachers. The police arrived too late to do anything.

So, we obviously don’t have all the facets to this story in order to understand why tinted windows = Satanism. The “fits” are easily explained by conversion disorder/psychogenic illness episodes which are very common in schools when student feel stressed by some source or another.

What is the problem here? Superstition? Economics? Social issues? Yes, all and more, most likely. It has been difficult to understand just based on these bizarre stories.