Psychic pair in New Zealand claim to have helped find body

Psychics helped find body? Well, I wouldn’t be to sure about that. The actual story seems far less cut and dried.

Psychics used to help find body, inquest told – National – NZ Herald News.

Two psychics helped to direct family and friends to the body of a Taranaki man who had drowned after falling into a river in Stratford.

Stephen Murphy, 37, had been missing for 10 days and was found dead in Patea River near a walking track in King Edward Park, Stratford on September 10 last year.

Friends and family reached out to two psychic mediums after they realised Mr Murphy had not been seen for a number of days and the psychics directed them to the area of King Edward Park where Mr Murphy’s body was found the next day, Coroner Tim Scott said in his finding in the death.

The psychics were Donna and Alex Fairclough of Crystal Clear Healings in Stratford. They were approached by the family to help, NOT the police.

Donna said she had used a pendulum on a map and connected with Murphy to discover where he was.

“We tuned into him like we tune into anyone’s vibrations that we are able to. Without doing that, we wouldn’t have been able to find him.”

She said it was too difficult to explain what that meant and it was a complex process.

Donna said it was the first time they had worked to find a missing person and they hadn’t so much as seen a photo of him.

“Adelle [Murphy’s sister] rang the next day and said they had found him in the exact spot. It was gratifying.”

Note that we have a typical situation here – the desperate family calls the psychic. There is no confirmation that the psychics gave the police any special information. We can’t be sure what the information really was. None of the details have been confirmed. From this piece, I can’t tell if the park was a reasonable place to search, difficult to search, or exactly if where he was found was out of the ordinary. There is no documentation and nothing from the police, officially that has been released (If it has, please someone provide that). So, we are left with stories. There are ALWAYS stories of psychics “helping” but no well-documented case that they ever really have. It’s always the psychics and the families telling their emotionally-charged side of the story. I could also swing a pendulum over a map and make a guess, then when the answer is found within an area, claim a hit. It could also just be coincidence. I’m unimpressed.

The reasons why psychics are not trusted to be accurate are multiple – they have been tested and tested and failed. The police can’t rely on psychics because they give a scattershot of vague info that leads them on wild goose chases. Crimes and missing persons are reliable solved through piecing together evidence through hard detective work. Also, how does this psychic ability work? No one has been able to explain this in anywhere near a coherent fashion after more than a century of study. A pendulum on a map? Vibrations? To make humans overturn much of what we know about physics and the human body, you have to provide better evidence than a just-so story. More here.

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  1. Lukas
    April 7, 2014 at 11:38 AM

    Hmm after reading a little bit about it I also think that this case is not so special. I write some things which keep me skeptical about this:

    1. We do not know what the family said to the psychics to begin with which is a big problem.

    2. Both psychics are from Stratford:

    “The psychics were Donna and Alex Fairclough of Crystal Clear Healings in Stratford”.

    So there is the possibility that they followed the news and heard also some gossip from the neighbors and other people.

    3. Stratford is a small city according to wikipedia. Its not so big and gossip and information can travel there in a light distance. I know this because I grew up in a small city. It was hell I tell you when I did something bad as a child or teenager everyone knew it the next day:

    “Stratford (Māori: ‘Whakaahurangi’) is the only town in the central Taranaki district of Stratford District, New Zealand. It lies beneath the eastern slopes of Mount Taranaki/Egmont, approximately half-way between New Plymouth and Hawera, near the geographic centre of the Taranaki region. The town has a population of 5,327, and the district 8,889. The District has a land area of 2,163.35 km², which is divided between the Manawatu-Wanganui Region (including the settlements of Whangamomona, Marco and Tahora, 31.87% of its land area) and the Taranaki Region (68.13% of its land area).”

    Taken from:,_New_Zealand

    My conclusion of this:

    It can be just coincidence because the psychics could have just deduced a good place where he could be. They were from the same city and I think they knew the people there. Also not to mention maybe the psychics even knew or heard of this person before and are not truly honest. Sorry to say this but after reading to much about psychics, mediums and people like this it mostly ends up that someone lies..

  2. stamen
    April 7, 2014 at 3:36 PM

    I am from New Zealand and it is good to see the comments to the articles are generally sceptical. One commentator pointed out the ‘psychic’ said he would be found in a park, he was found in a river, which is not “the exact spot”. It was also mentioned that if the couple really believe they have special power they should take Randi’s Challenge.
    A few year ago a young girl called Aisling Syms went missing here. A few days into the search Deb Webber ‘psychic’ butted in and gave some incorrect guesses. The family and the nation were disgusted by her opportunism.

  3. BobM
    April 7, 2014 at 11:50 PM

    The New Zealand police claim they take no notice of psychics, regarding them as a waste of time.

  4. Phas3e
    April 8, 2014 at 3:13 AM

    I’m actually from Stratford (I currently live 30 mins away in New Plymouth)

    If a missing body is going to be found in the town (the town has a fair sized river running through it with plenty of bush walks along the banks) its going to be in the area of the park/river, you dont need to be Silvia Brown to pick where he would be found. I spent my entire youth roaming around the bush there.

    I also heard (third hand) that they didnt direct them to the body their words were “He’s in a park”

    His sister (Who I went to school with wasnt wasnt friends) has always been into “woo” and seems to simply post hoc’d the finding of his body to where he was most likely to be. The town isnt that big and there is very few places for a body to lie undisturbed.

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