Haunted highways in Malaysia or do accidents just happen

Malaysia continues to be plagued by people who say they are plagued by bad spirits…

Blackspot or black spirit?

LET me clean the highways, self-proclaimed Raja Bomoh Sedunia Ibrahim Mat Zin had implored the good folks of Malaysia recently.

As the KLIA coconut-waving bomoh told a local online news website, there is a need for the North South Expressway and the East Coast Expressway to be “neutralised” because their developers had “disturbed” the natural haunts of evil spirits when they cut through the jungles and hills of the land to connect Malaysian towns and cities.

He implied that these spirits are now homeless and are lounging by our roadways while some are taking vengeance on our hapless drivers.

This was the same guy who was supposed to help find the missing plane MH370. (How is that working out?)

His evidence for haunted highways? Accidents.

They interviewed a “paranormal investigator” (hard to find one of these with actual qualifications), who said that some highways are hotspots for paranormal activities. He cites photo and video evidence. Of what? How can he conclude it is paranormal instead of just an anomaly that can be explained another way. The highways will almost always disturb the original land that was there causing problems for the landscape and wildlife. The design and construction may not be ideal which could lead to accidents or optical illusions. I don’t see the need to rush to paranormal judgement. And neither does another paranormal researcher:

Ipoh-based paranormal researcher Arwin John agrees that most highways have their own stories where people experience odd things and they tend to be hotspots for accidents. However, he questions the Bomoh King’s claims about the need to cleanse our roads.

“In my seven years (in this pursuit), I have passed that location (Gua Tempurung) many times and I never had any out of the normal experience there,” he says.

He notes how difficult it is to study these areas because of the traffic and lack of controls.

There is a lot of obvious stuff overlooked in this piece. The MOST obvious is that people who believe in the paranormal will attribute anomalies to the paranormal. They have skirted the real question about what happened. Their silly rituals and research into haunts will not be as helpful as engineering studies or detective work to find out how to minimize accidents on the roadways.

Ultimately, Arwin, who runs the Malaysian Paranormal Research website, feels strongly that we should not blame road accidents on evil spirits.

“It’s nothing more than pure nonsense and a childish point of view. We should also understand that most accidents that happen are due to human error and other environmental factors.

“I’m not saying the place is not haunted or it is, but what I’m saying is let’s look at the logical explanation before we dwell into the para­normal for possibilities.”

It’s good to see some sanity in what looks like someone’s vie for attention.

We’ve covered similar stories about roadside spirits in other countries, like these two stories from Iceland.

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  1. Chris Howard
    April 29, 2014 at 8:55 AM

    There’s actually a whole genre of horror movies, from this region, dealing with haunted highways.

    Many of them are very good.

    My guess is that accidents, particularly in geographical locations that are extra hazardous due to rain, happen more frequently?

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