Father blames himself for birth defect

A baby born with extra limbs from a malformed twin receives surgery in China. But the underlying story is the guilt felt by the father.

This Baby Was Born With 4 Feet And 4 Arms (Video) | Yahoo Health.

A baby born on April 2 in China’s Guangdong Province with four arms and four feet has undergone successful surgery this week to remove the extra limbs. The baby was reportedly joined at the torso to a headless parasitic twin.

Doctors had reportedly missed the extra limbs when doing medical examinations on the pregnant woman. However, the child’s father, identified as “Mr. Chen,” felt responsible for his son’s defects because he did not take proper care of his wife, or send her to the doctors for regular check-ins. “I only cared about my work,” he told ImagineChina. “I just thought of making money instead of taking [my wife] to hospital for a medical checkup.”

Would that have mattered? No. The defect was genetic, it could not have been prevented. However, if they had known that the baby was in this condition, would they have terminated the pregnancy?

Parasitic twins occur when a twinned embryo develops but does not fully separate, allowing one to become dominant at the expense of the other.

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  1. Paul de Boer
    April 22, 2014 at 12:38 PM

    I was originally going to say that this is a developmental disorder not genetic, but its a little more complicated.

    This birth defect is currently thought of as a developmental disorder. It may also be a deficiency of the Sonic Hedgehog protein which is genetic as RNA expresses proteins.

    So the answer is maybe it is genetic.

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