Zebra in Tennessee, called the “Equine Bigfoot,” is back home

A wayward zebra has roamed freely in Tennessee after escaping his enclosure. While he was seen here and there, he was never captured. Until now.

Lost zebra returns home

Zeke the zebra hopped a fence at Ronald Price’s farm back in December and has been spotted several times since then, but it wasn’t until earlier this month that Price’s striped friend returned home. Price was in Texas when he received a call that Zeke was back at his home near Cleveland.

“Oh, yeah! He’d been gone for about three and a half months, so I was quite excited about him getting back to the farm,” says Price.

Zeke was in fine health, fit and fat and no worse for the wear. He must have enjoyed his time cavorting in the wilderness. I wonder if he’ll attempt another run for freedom.

zeke zebra

  1 comment for “Zebra in Tennessee, called the “Equine Bigfoot,” is back home

  1. Lee
    March 17, 2014 at 11:39 AM

    I am happy for Zeke. No one shot him mistaking him for some craptozoological beastie. He seems to have enjoyed himself immensely traipsing about exploring a vast new territory. He returns home safely. Everyone is happy and well. My kind of news story which you do NOT hear often enough. Something positive to start my Monday!

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