You know it’s spring in China when the pigs come floating by

Last year by this time, there were thousands of reported carcasses in the river apparently due to a virus but that was not officially confirmed.

China hit by new flood of dead pigs in river.

Chinese authorities have found 157 dead pigs in a river, state media said Wednesday, underscoring the country’s food safety problems a year after 16,000 carcasses were discovered in Shanghai’s main waterway.

The dead porkers were recovered from the Gan river in Jiangxi, which supplies drinking water to the provincial capital Nanchang, the official news agency Xinhua said.

Tests showed that the tap water remains safe for drinking, it said, citing Nanchang authorities.


Photo credit: AFP

There remains serious concerns over the Chinese food supply after many incidents of contamination of various food types that sickened thousands. The ear tags from these animals indicated they came from Zhangshu. Because it’s China, we can never be sure we are getting the whole story.