WSN must pay out $2.2 Million for false claims regarding diabetes

The FTC is on the ball again.
FTC Obtains $2.2 Million Judgment against Supplement Marketer that Made Phony Claims for Treating and Preventing Diabetes | Federal Trade Commission.

A federal court has found that marketers of bogus remedies for treating and preventing diabetes violated Section 5 of the FTC Act, and has ordered them to pay nearly $2.2 million. The FTC will use the funds it recovers to reimburse consumers.

The court has prohibited the company – Wellness Support Network Inc. – and its two principals, Robert Held and his daughter Robyn Held, from claiming without rigorous scientific proof that their supplements would treat and prevent diabetes, and from making other deceptive claims.

The FTC’s case against Wellness Support Network Inc. is part of its ongoing efforts to stop bogus claims that unproven remedies can be used to prevent and treat serious diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

The packs contained blends of vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts. The Diabetic Pack was touted as a treatment for diabetes, and the Insulin Resistance Pack as a means of purportedly reducing insulin resistance and preventing diabetes. Both packs had the same ingredients. There is no evidence in support of the claims made.

As is usual with these types of supplements, the only evidence presented to the consumer were testimonials. There is no way to tell if those are true. If you see such an incredible claim being made that is so at odds with what you have heard is true, that is, it’s TOO good to be true, it probably is bunk.

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