Thanks to Essex non-panther, skeptical viewpoint gets noticed

Recall the story about the Essex panther a week or so ago? It turned out to be a great example of skeptical investigation. David James who helped figure out it was likely just the neighbor’s dog has his own piece this week at the same paper. Support investigation into the truth by clicking on this link and checking out David’s piece. Maybe they will make it a regular feature.

Skepticism for the WIN!

Cheetah or cheater? Why I think there’s no Essex Panther on the loose near Stortford | Bishop’s Stortford news.

You’ll forgive me for not worrying too much about the Essex Panther or any subsequent blurry sightings. Let’s see some real scientific evidence before we go scaring the locals and whipping up a panic. If I see anything in the garden, I’ll be sure to lasso it with my daughter’s skipping rope!

Well done! David is founder of Bishop’s Stortford Skeptics Society, an organisation for the promotion of science and reason in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire and the UK.

David was kind enough to keep us informed of his findings in this case so we can share them with you. He also is a huge help for ghost stories and other paranormal media events going on in the U.K. We are so grateful for his contributions.

Follow David at @StortSkeptic

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  1. neko
    March 23, 2014 at 7:05 PM

    Tch. Another decoy. Those sly Sylvesters in Shinobi dress are always on the prowl.

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