Sensitive news: Bobby Drinnon has passed

He was known as an “intuitive counselor” or “sensitive” and was a spiritual person, calling himself a “freethinking Christian”.

Bobby Drinnon, who shunned the word ‘psychic’ in favor of ‘sensitive’, dead at age 61 » Knoxville News Sentinel.

Bobby Drinnon, the self-styled “sensitive” whose insights were sought by those around the world, has died after a long fight with cancer.

“He resisted the attempts of others to identify him with the New Age movement, referencing his Christian faith and the personal commitment he made to Jesus, as a child, at Buffalo Trail Baptist Church, in Morristown,” his obituary states.

Drinnon says he could always see people’s auras. He believed in significant earth changes and natural disasters. He advocated being prepared by stocking up. Some of his predictions, listed in this piece sound more like educated guesses about the future that weren’t too risky. He was successful in not allowing the state of Tennessee to label his work “entertainment” to avoid a tax on this category. Several sources say he was famous as helping police detectives to solve crimes but I can find no confirmation of this. He assisted in the investigation of missing and murdered child Avery Short but it does not appear he was any help in the case.


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