Polio workers’ vans hit with roadside bombs in Pakistan

New setbacks for the beleaguered polio vaccination campaign in Pakistan.

Attack targets polio workers in Pakistan, kills 11 – CNN.com.

Eleven people were killed Saturday when two vans carrying a polio vaccination team were hit by a roadside bomb in Pakistan’s northern Khyber Agency, authorities said.

A militant group, which has connections to the Pakistani Taliban, opposes polio vaccinations, accusing polio workers of pursuing a political agenda.

Anti-polio campaigns have been targeted by militants in Pakistan since U.S. intelligence officials used a fake vaccination program to help in their hunt for Osama bin Laden in 2011. Under cover of the program, the CIA sought to collect DNA samples from relatives of the al Qaeda leader to verify his presence in a compound in Abbottabad.

Since July 2012, at least 22 polio workers have been killed.

Please watch the video here. It follows a polio worker whose own relatives have been killed. Yet, she values her job and is dedicated to it. It also shows a man who rejected the vaccine for his youngest child because of the fear about aid workers in league with spies. His child contracted the disease.