Mystery boom in Calgary could have been frost quake

A big boom rattled this part of Canada earlier this week. One man recorded a seismic event on his self-build seismometer. Was it another frost quake?

Mystery behind noise in northwest Calgary revealed

Speculation and confusion swirled after a loud boom could be heard through parts of northwest Calgary on Tuesday afternoon.

It was enough to rattle the windows at Crowfoot General Paints and baffle residents in the area.

It wasn’t an explosion, meteorite, sonic boom or oil and gas work as many had speculated.

U of C geophysicist David Eaton says Tuesday’s noise was most likely the result of a frost quake but one that happened below ground.

The U of C’s closest seismic monitor was offline when the boom happened but it likely is too far away to have registered the sound even if it was on.

It’s not clear if it was a frost quake because the temperature didn’t suddenly change. It’s been consistently cold. But these mystery seismic events do seem to be very common this season all over the north.