In search of a bezoar, man saves a baby porcupine

An interesting result to a strange story.

Man Cuts Porcupine From Its Dead Pregnant Mother

Jared Buzzell was on his way to the woods in Minot, Maine, to hunt for mushrooms with medicinal properties when he saw the car in front of him hit a porcupine.

Buzzell’s first reaction was to hop out of his car and ascertain whether it was alive. After discovering that it was dead, Buzzell cut open the porcupine to look for a valuable mineral deposit called a bezoar stone that his uncle told him formed in the stomach of porcupines.

But instead of a bezoar, Buzzell found a baby porcupine inside. There was only one thing to do: take it home and nurse it back to health with his daughter’s baby-doll bottle.

A bezoar stone, is thought to be magical. It is said to cure all types of illnesses (it doesn’t). What it really is is an undigested organic or inorganic deposit that remains in the stomach or intestinal tract of animals. Bezoar literally means “antidote” in Persian and it was thought they were an antidote to any poison, as you may remember from Harry Potter.

It seems very lucky that that baby survived! That was a better surprise.

baby porcupette

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  2 comments for “In search of a bezoar, man saves a baby porcupine

  1. busterggi
    March 29, 2014 at 8:47 PM

    Good to see him take care of the little critter.

  2. May 8, 2014 at 2:25 AM

    I really want to thanks Buzzell. But also I want say that drive careful, Because we know that road used for car driving but animals don`t. But I am also happy that porcupine baby was survived.

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