God said pot is OK, the devil is in me

I don’t know if this “devil made me do it” excuse is becoming a real trend or just an interesting spin for media coverage. I think perhaps both. I feel a bit bad posting this story but the devil and worshipping NASCAR, I couldn’t pass it by without showing it to someone.

Hawkins Co. woman blames devil after allegedly stabbing husband.

A Hawkins County woman was arrested Sunday after allegedly crashing her car into a church and stabbing her husband with a kitchen knife, saying the devil told her to do it.

The victim, Steven Hamman, said his wife Stephanie Hamman had left their apartment and wrecked her vehicle at Providence Church, across the street.

Mr. Hamman said he went to check on his wife and discovered she drove the car through the front doors of the church. He said his wife was lying in front of the altar. As he checked on her, he said she stated, “The devil is in me,” and stabbed him on the right side of the chest with a large kitchen knife.

She obviously had SERIOUS issues. Her sense of religiosity played a part, noting that God spoke to her as well as the devil, when those compelling voices could be a sign of schizophrenia instead.

She told officers she had decided to live for God and had been baptized at the church earlier that morning, but Pastor Joel Trigg said she was not baptized there.

She also told police that God had commented to her about smoking marijuana. But she also felt her husband was worshipping the NASCAR race at Bristol. (Haven’t many women felt that way about their husband’s obsessive sports addictions.)

God told her to go into the church but the doors were locked, so she drove the car through the doors. Ouch.

When arrested, she didn’t know if her husband was dead or not; she asked police. She admitted to smoking a lot of pot.

There is no mention of her mental health issues.

What happened here? We don’t know from a media report but what are we to think about this? Will people believe she is possessed? What affect did the drugs have? If she were a nun and claimed God spoke to her, would we think differently? Did her religious talk mask mental health trouble?

One of the main uses of gods and demons are to be scapegoats for bad behavior. She’s a really troubled soul.

I blame NASCAR. Jesus, take the wheel!

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  3 comments for “God said pot is OK, the devil is in me

  1. Lee
    March 18, 2014 at 1:14 PM

    I do not believe smoking an abundance of cannabis would initiate such violent action unless it was a Catholic church and she had an overwhelming urge to eat communion wafers! I thought about your Nun statement and after all the shenanigans in prior years with priest, I realize I would not cut a Nun any slack! Take a person in psychological turmoil and mix in religion and you have the building blocks for disaster! Sharon, I think every NASCAR driver says that when they get behind the wheel! : )

  2. Brian
    March 18, 2014 at 1:24 PM

    There has been an awful lot of this sort of thing lately. It’s past a ‘trend’. Demon possessed kids, parents, faith hearings- they all lead to the same end- a lot of tears- and it seems like even with the screaming warnings about this source of behavior, more and more jump on the bandwagon. I do not hear anything from the christian community regarding this (I am not looking in the right spot?).

    Something is afoot. I just do not dare guess as to what.

  3. RDW
    March 20, 2014 at 2:27 AM

    I’d think maybe that the large amount of pot she smoked might have been contaminated with some sort of pesticide if it were grown in a cornfield, or perhaps some kind of toxic mold.

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