Fire damages Fort Mifflin Officer’s quarters

Another well known site for paranormal investigations sustains damage by fire.

Fire breaks out at Fort Mifflin in Southwest Philadelphia

A fire broke out early Sunday morning on the grounds of Fort Mifflin in Southwest Philadelphia.

Crews were forced to cut several holes in the roof of the two story apartment building to access the fire.

So far there is no word yet on what sparked the fire.

No injuries have been reported.

Fort Mifflin

Video news report from ABC

In order to support the upkeep at the historic fort on the Delaware River, which was operational during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, the paranormal aspects of the place were exploited. Tours of the fort were given as well as overnight stays and rentals for the evening to ghost hunting groups. (I’d been on one of those evening events myself.) There are many reports of haunting activity but none have revealed any solid evidence. The fire was in the Officer’s quarters. From the photo, it appears that this was involving the room said to be haunted by the ghost of Elizabeth Pratt who hung herself from the second floor balcony. I have not been able to determine if that story is accurate.

An Examiner article notes that the 911 call was made by a Boy Scout troop leader camping on the grounds. It is said the fire started in the attic. There is also this:

This is the second time a building was destroyed during a Boy Scout overnight camping experience. The first fire gutted the Commandant’s house and it has yet to be fully restored.

I’d be curious to see what sparked the blaze if that can be determined.

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  3 comments for “Fire damages Fort Mifflin Officer’s quarters

  1. Brandon
    March 24, 2014 at 3:42 AM

    Hopefully the Boy Scouts haven’t moved on from toppling ancient boulders to burning down historic buildings.

  2. Scout parent
    March 24, 2014 at 9:04 AM

    In this recent fire involving the officers quarters no CUB scouts or parents were involved! These were not Boy Scouts, cub scouts are much younger as early as 6/7 years old. Before you make such idiotic jokes you should have the facts as this ELECTRICAL fire in the ATTIC where scouts and parents didn’t even have access to started while entire troop was on the opposite side of the wall for their evening bonfire which FYI is NOWHERE near the officers quarters! If had not been for the return of the troop the fire would not have been discovered when it was instead much later with a more disastrous outcome!

  3. March 24, 2014 at 9:56 AM

    Brandon: As I noted and have confirmed with someone else, the fire began in the attic which the public does not have access to. There is no reason to connect the overnight visitors to the fire.

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