Expedition by Russian Geographic Society to look for lake beast

Well this is back, the Labynkyr devil lake monster.

Divers preparing for icy waters of Russia’s ‘Loch Ness’.

An expedition by the Russian Geographic Society is expected today to reach the mysterious lake which puzzles scientists by not completely freezing even when the air temperature is minus 60C. The team reached Oymyakon, the coldest settlement in the world and were driving on from there in special KAMAZ vehicles.

‘Apart from plans to set up a new record for under-ice diving and to perform scientific research, the participants of the expedition want to check those legends about ‘Labynkyrsky Chert’ – the Labynkyr Devil, a huge monster supposedly living in the lake,’ said a society spokesman.

Reports the team had found evidence of jaws and a skeleton using an underwater scanner were not confirmed.

Yeah, that’s the kicker. This lake monster story is tissue thin and not worth paying any attention to. But the team keeps putting it into the news to get attention. Lake monsters are good at that.

Here is our earlier story where I analyze their tale.

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Every few months, they come out with a new news story.

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Red ink drawn in. Photo: veslo.ru

Red ink drawn in. Photo: veslo.ru