Ellen’s remodeled Brody house is supposedly haunted

These stories always come from unnamed sources, so we don’t know how true they are. Celebs seem highly superstitious about these things.

Ellen DeGeneres' house is haunted.

Ellen DeGeneres’ house is haunted.

The talk show star and her wife Portia Di Rossi bought The Brody House in Los Angeles’ Holmby Hills area for $40 million in January, but haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep thanks to apparent ghostly goings on.

A source said: ”The house has been remodeled, so Ellen thought it would have no trace of the former owner. But she was wrong. Within a few nights of moving in Ellen started hearing random noises including footsteps and doors opening and closing.

The article which apparently is a rehash of a National Enquirer piece (FWIW) mentions the spirit might be that of Frances Brody. Friends recommend to get rid of the “bad energy” with a “spiritual cleansing ceremony”.

Ellen, there are plenty of non-superstitious investigators in the Los Angeles area. Why not try them before “spirit cleansing” nonsense?

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  1. Angela
    March 4, 2014 at 10:48 AM

    Ahhh…the National Enquirer…such cuties with their ‘unnamed sources’. I know that celebrities have read things they never said in that rag, and this might be the case here. Or she made some off-the-cuff comment taken out of context. I do agree that people in the entertainment industry prone to superstition. My grandmother used to direct local theater and I still remember some of the old ones–and some included a ghostly scenario. Now if she says it on her show–I may cry a little if she actually wants the Para~Merry-Maids to come around.

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