Denton found guilty of nine offences for his dubious claims

We previously covered the accusations agains Errol Denton in the U.K.

Today, we got word from Guy Chapman about a conviction of  the “Live Blood” practitioner. In a rare conviction of nine offenses under the Cancer Act 1939, fines and costs totalling as much as £19,000 have been levied against Denton.

Apparently he was not in court or represented.

Harley Street practitioner claimed he could cure cancer and HIV with lifestyle changes and herbs, court hears


[…]claimed he could cure cancer and HIV with “lifestyle changes and herbs”, […and] advised women not to wear bras as a tip for fending off “acidity” in the breasts, Westminster Magistrates court was told.

He used his personal twitter account to boast: “Cancer, diabetes, HIV, etc etc, all curable without the big pharmaceuticals”, it is alleged.

Denton’s website,, advertises a form of blood test, involving ‘a very powerful microscope’, used to detect ‘imbalances’.

All these claims have no scientific evidence and have been rounded disputed by medical experts.

Denton had denied all offences and claimed that he did not write the articles on the various websites bearing his name, that they were run by a Dubai-based company.

Chapman, who has followed the trial, noted that the penalty against Denton is very strong indeed, and this is likely to reflect the fact that “his vexatious defence and previous requests for postponements, he has imposed significant inconvenience on the courts.”

The completely dubious “live blood” claimants are having a rough time these days, with Denton’s guru “Dr” Robert O Young also in court on charges of practising medicine without a license.

Chapman credits the Westminster Trading Standards on having done a great job with this difficult matter that they might have chosen not to pursue, since it’s unlikely to make them any friends. They have matched the Advertising Standards Authority in showing determination to protect the public from an obvious charlatan.

Chapman, along with other outspoken skeptics pushing against Denton, Jo Brodie (@JoBrodie) and Josephine Jones (@_JosephineJones) have all suffered through vicious personal attacks by Denton. Denton is a sad, possibly delusional character that was promoting a quack treatment that was dangerous to public health. They feel vindicated by today’s result.

Big thanks to Guy Chapman for his contribution to this piece.

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