Dead animals in DC park part of ritual sacrifice?

Parks have become a commonplace location to find animal remains related to possible ritual sacrifices. It would be less icky if people kept this kind of stuff to themselves.

Goat, chickens, pigeons found with throats slashed in Rock Creek Park

Animal welfare officials are investigating whether a religious or ritualistic practice was behind the death of nine animals — six chickens, a pygmy goat and two pigeons — whose carcasses were found along an isolated path of Rock Creek Park in the District.

Some of the animals had been decapitated. Some still had their heads, but their throats had been slashed. Investigators believe they were killed elsewhere and dumped in the park.

The carcasses were taken Wednesday to a laboratory in Virginia for necropsies. Veterinarians and investigators will look for clues that could point to a specific group or individual.

U.S. Park Police and Humane Society officials said the uniform way each of the chickens was killed has led investigators to believe that the killings were part of a ritualistic or religious practice. They believe that the animals were dumped along the path before snow started falling Tuesday morning.

Giacoppo said investigators will look into whether the deaths were related to the religion of Santeria, which has West African and Caribbean ties.

We’ve covered several stories about the religion of Santeria in the past, which practices animal sacrifice.

But whether done in a religious ritual or not, the culprits might avoid jail and fines as long as it can be proven the killings were done humanely, as long as the decapitations resulted in instant death. Yes, animal sacrifices are not illegal, as long as they are farm animals. However, the source of Santeria info in this story says the carcasses should have been buried.

There is the obligatory mention of the “demonic” at the end of the piece. It’s out of place saying that there would have been organs gone, etc. How do they know? Santanic crime is practically nonexistant and typically conflated with Santeria.

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  1. Rex Dart
    March 27, 2014 at 3:45 PM

    I was going to make a snarky comment about how we can’t even assume it’s Santeria, and for all we know, it’s an offering to Thor. (His recent movies have been really good, so he should be attracting more worshipers!)

    But researching the snark, it looks like animal sacrifice has been practiced as part of every major religion, and still is even today at least among *some* sects of these religions, including Christianity.

    The one consistent exception appears to be Buddhism:

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