Call forwarding scam disrupts Florida dentist

How did this happen? And what a pain!

Ft. Lauderdale Dentist Claims Phone Number Was “Hijacked” « CBS Miami.

A Fort Lauderdale dentist says her phone line was “hijacked” by scammers.

The phone has been ringing off the hook at Dr. Patty’s Dental boutique in Ft. Lauderdale, but the calls aren’t coming from clients.

“Stop calling my {expletive} phone,” one of the messages said.

“We were in complete shock because people were calling us asking us why we were calling them and they were yelling. They weren’t asking in a normal tone,” said Dr. April Patterson, known as Dr. Patty. “They were upset that we had called them asked them for personal and financial information.”

This is seriously affecting business as they try to figure out what happened and how to stop it. People are calling from all over the country complaining they had been part of a scam. Some apparently had fallen for the scam and lost money. The calls are coming from a 202 area code forwarded to the Fort Lauderdale office. How does this happen so that it can’t be traced? Probably fairly easily with forwarding options these days.

If the investigation figures out who is responsible (which I doubt they will), they should be charged with something for this along with their money scam. This is not only unfortunate but harassment.

I never give info over the phone, nor do I give out my phone number to merchants who ask for it. Better to be cautious about that stuff unless you are the one who has contacted the merchant or office for a reason.

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  1. Chip Cherry
    March 19, 2014 at 10:45 AM

    These scammers are able to assign any number they wish to display when they call a home. I regularly get scam calls (Windows Systems, Duct Cleaning, etc.) and the number is either random nonsense, or it’s a number from my region. It’s never in service if I try to call back, but it’s definitely not going to lead back to the original caller. They probably find that they get more people anwering if there is a number showing up.

    I’m guessing that scammers selected a random phone number for the display and it just happened to be the one owned by this particular office.

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