All in the family: Marks’ daughter in law sentenced for fraud

Another one of the Marks family gets sentenced. This one reached pretty low as well.

‘Psychic’ who claimed she talked to Archangel Michael sentenced to prison – Sun Sentinel.

A South Florida “psychic” who admitted she defrauded about $1.2 million from clients – including a mentally ill man who was hearing voices – was sentenced to nearly 3 1/2 years in federal prison Friday.

Cynthia Miller, 36, who ran the Astrology Life store at 2000 E. Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, was the last of nine family members to be sentenced for their roles in a psychic fraud conspiracy that federal prosecutors said fleeced more than $20 million from clients all over the world.

Miller is the daughter-in-law of Rose Marks who was sentenced a few weeks back. Miller took advantage of a grieving, mentally troubled man, taking gold coins from him but advising him his “lack of faith” was causing his troubles.

Miller also admitted that she took a huge amount of money from a Japanese woman who underwent multiple surgeries for brain tumors while seeking guidance on romantic and other life matters from her. The woman gave her life savings – about $500,000 – to Miller and is now losing her home, in Japan, to foreclosure, according to prosecutors.

All the Marks’ in court seem repentent but can we believe them?

It’s been a banner year for the Marks’ clan and their family business. It’s not been made clear to public observers exactly how decimated their worth is now (though see restitution to be paid below), one article noted that property and items had been seized. It has been gratifying to see their psychic “life coach” business derailed and several family members called out for these crimes. I hope it’s made enough of a splash that more people realize they are being taken for a ride by psychic swindlers.

Once again, kudos to Paula McMahon of the Sun Sentinel who has covered the Marks family. (Paula: Write a book!)

Nine members of the extended Marks family were arrested on fraud charges in August 2011. Eight family members pleaded guilty and Rose Marks was convicted in September 2013 after a four-week trial.

• Rose Marks, 62, serving 10 years and one month in prison

• Rose Marks’ daughter-in-law, Nancy Marks, 44, was sentenced to three years and nine months and pay more than $2.2 million restitution.

• Nancy’s husband, Ricky Marks, 42, is serving two years of probation and must repay victims $570,000.

• Nancy and Ricky Marks’ daughter Vivian Marks, 24, was released in January after four months in prison and is serving four months of house arrest and three years of supervised release. She must pay $189,651 restitution.

• Cynthia Miller’s husband, Michael Marks, 36, the younger son of Rose Marks, is also serving two years of probation and was ordered to repay victims $394,194.

• Rosie Marks, 39, Rose Marks’ only daughter, is serving two years of probation and six months of house arrest and was ordered to repay $170,000 to victims.

• Rosie Marks’ husband Donnie Eli, 41, is serving two years of probation and also owes victims $170,000.

• Victoria Eli, 58, the sister of Rose Marks, is serving four months in prison.

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  1. terrence
    March 29, 2014 at 7:59 PM

    Not bad – they scammed at least $3.7 million. At least this is what they must pay back (they probably scammed more than that).

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