3Cs: Christian, chiropractor, cult

A charismatic chiropractor is fronting a doomsday cult, say parents of college-aged girls now involved in his massage therapy practice.

Christian chiropractor’s ‘commune’ of women part of discount massage ‘cult,’ parents say.

Parents and friends of college-age women in Michigan believe that a local chiropractor uses his business as a front for a doomsday cult.

WJBK-TV’s Problem Solvers unit investigated Dr. Craig Stasio and his Agape Massage Therapy and Chiropractic center in Clinton Township, Michigan and found it populated with young women, none of whom were trained masseuses, offering hour-long massages for $17.50.

In addition to working for Craig Stasio, the women also live together in an environment that WJBK-TV characterized as “commune-like.” The parents of some of the women claim that their estranged daughters refer to Stasio as “the prophet,” and that he teaches about a coming “tribulation” that “will last for 3 years” and end in a great “fire.”

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The girls dropped out of school after meeting Stasio, moved in together and cut ties with their families – that sounds cultish. One of the girls in the undercover investigation by the local media was seen to be dancing outside, praising Jesus. Clearly the parents think that this type of behavior is usual and are extremely concerned. Some people at life transitions can be vulnerable to such promises from powerful leaders. The massage center (what does that have to do with chiropractic?) is closed at least temporarily.

Reviews of his clinic show that several customers were cheated out of gift certificates for Stasio’s clinic when he closed one location and opened up his new one, Agape. His Better Business Bureau rating was an ‘F’ based on 20 complaints.

Stasio remains a licensed chiropractor in Michigan. He has two past disciplinary actions on his record.
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  1. March 19, 2014 at 5:32 AM

    Three years? The fraud! Everyone knows the Tribulation is supposed to last for seven! It’s right there in the Left Behind books!

    … what?

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