Witch hunts continue in Nigerian Pentecostal churches

Anti-superstition advocate Leo Igwe informs Doubtful News that the witch hunters are again whipping up support in Nigeria in an event set for March 7.

He writes:

The world may not have seen the last in terms of the inane witch hunting campaign being waged by penticostal [sic] pastors in Nigeria. New christian witch hunters-pastors and churches- are emerging with force and ferocity. Another ‘Kill the Witch’ miracle crusade has just been announced to take place next week. It will be held in Calabar, the capital of Cross River State in Southern Nigeria.

The theme of the event ‘That Witch Must Die’ is a clear indication of what the program is all about- an event to incite violence and hatred against innocent citizens.

Witch hunting is a traditional practice which has been appropriated by penticostal [sic] church entrepreneurs in their quest for evangelical relevance and capital.

The theme ‘That Witch must die’ is inspired by the Biblical injunction in Exodus 22.18 which says ‘Suffer not a witch to live’. So, the christian connection to this modern day witch hunt is evident.

Calabar is the headquarters of Helen Ukpabio’s Liberty Gospel Church. Recall that Ukpabio was invited to visit a church in the Houston area in 2012 but this was cancelled due to controversy over these witch hunts she endorses.

Igwe continues to spread information about the strong belief in witchcraft in the city of Calabar. The most vulnerable are the children who have been targeted and named as witches. Efforts so far to take local officials to task for not cracking down on this abuse have apparently been unsuccessful as these dangerous, hateful crusades are allowed to continue.

Witchcraft accusations which is illegal in Nigeria as well as the abuse that accused victims undergo. Igwe reports that no church official or pastor who undertake these events have been prosecuted. He urges everyone to spread the word about these witch hunts and to contact officials in Calabar, Cross River State and Nigeria to protest that these barbaric events are allowed. This is not freedom of religion, this is inciting violence.IMG-20140223-00408

  2 comments for “Witch hunts continue in Nigerian Pentecostal churches

  1. Chris Howard
    February 26, 2014 at 8:55 AM

    Forgive my ignorance, but African politics isn’t one of my strong areas.

    Are these the same people who are behind the laws making it illegal to be homosexual (I include lesbianism here), bisexual, or transgender, or am I thinking of another group/country?

  2. Brian
    February 26, 2014 at 12:35 PM

    Africa, is the continent. There are countries *in* Africa that are causing turmoil with these laws. Which ones past Uganda, I am not sure. Pretty much the whole place is messed up and kinda crazy.

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