Texas Board of Education passes improved rules for textbook review

A very positive step!

Laredo Morning Times – Texas board approves textbook review rule changes.

The Texas Board of Education imposed tighter rules Friday on the citizen review panels that scrutinize proposed textbooks, potentially softening fights over evolution, religion’s role in U.S. history and other ideological matters that have long seeped into what students learn in school.

Tension over the issue has been building for years in the country’s second most populous state, where the textbook market is so large that changes can affect the industry nationwide. Critics complain that a few activists with religious or political objections have too much power to shape what the state’s more than 5 million public school students are taught.

Unfortunately, this author used the word “skepticism” to apply to those who are anti-evolution. Those people are not skeptics, they are stuck on an ideology that is not positive for kids education.

Among the changes approved Friday was a mandate that teachers or professors be given priority for serving on the textbook review panels for subjects in their areas of expertise. They also enable the board to appoint outside experts to check objections raised by review panels and ensure they are based on fact, not ideology.

This won’t solve the problem but it’s a necessary step. Qualified people should be making these important decisions, not people with nefarious (and unConstitutional) agendas. As an example, this is what ONE person noted: “…liberals are really trying to make it difficult for Christians and conservatives to have a voice in public education.” What a giant load of crap. If you want Christian education, go to church-sponsored schools. The “public” is not “Christian”. Why is this so difficult for people to understand.

Dear Texas, you’re on the right track. Keep it up.

For the history of the Texas textbook dustup, go here for all stories.

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  1. Ben W.
    February 4, 2014 at 8:32 PM

    Even as a Christian I would prefer my religion kept out of the science classroom for a simple reason, “I can’t prove or disprove the existence of God.” It’s an act of faith, not science. Brian Dunning’s Skeptoid episode on “Killing Faith” finally knocked that into my head awhile ago.

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