Silly article on Australian belief in the paranormal

I’d call this poll biased promotion.

It seems half of Australia believes in the supernatural.

Last month the Syfy Supernatural Study was commissioned to celebrate the launch of the new channel, in conjunction with the world premiere of Haunting: Australia, and the results were spooky.

Almost nine out of 10 Australians (88 per cent) surveyed believe that paranormal phenomenon may well exist.

According to this poll: 50 per cent believe in ghosts, 42 per cent in UFOs and aliens, 41 per cent in premonitions and 36 per cent in communicating with the dead and angels. The article then follows with an interview with a psychic and pathetic use of the term “skeptic”.

This is a real piece of garbage. The survey was taken for a TV channel that promotes the paranormal, it’s nonscientific. So, it’s useless. Go on with life and stop believing anything you see on TV regarding the paranormal is “real”. It’s not.

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  1. vsquare
    February 14, 2014 at 4:10 PM

    I can’t speak for ALL Australians, but I can say that a good 90% of the people I’ve ever known in my life are very open minded to a lot of that- it’s ALWAYS a great topic of conversation- nearly everyone here has a story about SOMETHING paranormal 🙂

  2. Halidom
    February 26, 2014 at 12:42 AM

    I agree that 99% of the people I know are familiar with these subjects but all are totally skeptical. It’s like green Martians, fun but just a joke. Skeptical is a rather weak word to describe their feelings.

  3. Damarcus
    April 22, 2014 at 9:12 PM

    I think my favourite part of this survey is the unspoken assumption that if enough people believe in this stuff, it must be true. As if reality actually cares what kooky beliefs we have.

    I’ve actually done a similar survey recently, with depressingly similar results regarding aliens, ghosts and psychics, though the numbers hovered below 50% on all of them, I’m guessing the 88% surveyed believing in this stuff was a heavily loaded question (“do you believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that nothing supernatural has ever happened” perhaps?)

    interestingly, with my survey (which also questioned the people’s belief in science) found that the overwhelming majority (close to that 88% they had) believed that the scientific method was the best way to discover new knowledge about the world.

    of course, the most important part: my survey only had 36 participants. I’m not going to hide that, though these guys were extremely vague about the questions asked, the people they surveyed and the number of participants. I’m willing to bet they had an extremely small sample size, possibly even tweaking or cherry picking the data to suit their needs.

    It’s a shame that there isn’t more scientific research on this topic, if we could understand the sort of pseudo science people in this country believe, we’d be able to combat their ignorance much more effectively.

    Biased looking survey, did one of my own with similar results, though I had an absurdly small sample size. More actual research needs to be done on this.

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