Priest in Zimbabwe disappears in river, mermaids to blame

A drowning in Zimbabwe. Another allegation of mermaids.

Prophet drowns during cleansing ceremony, family blame mermaids | News 24.

A self-styled prophet on Wednesday drowned in a river during a cleansing ceremony in Epworth, giving residents quite a scare.

The prophet, Simbarashe Kamupondera, 31, of Nyeredzi Nhatu apostolic sect, met his fate around midday as he was attending to a congregant at the Ruwa River banks when he was swept away by a strong current.

However, the family believes Simbarashe is still alive claiming he was abducted by mermaids known asnjuzu in vernacular.

The people say they were told by Simbarashe that he had the spirit of a mermaid. Though they tried to help him, they are not very concerned he is gone; they think he is coming back.

This is similar to the story of a boy who disappeared in a South African river, presumably attacked by a crocodile, but his family wishes to believe the mermaid will return him.

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  1. Kiljoy616
    February 11, 2014 at 8:56 AM

    If by mermaid they mean foolish mean drown without help, they sure mermaid where involved. LOL

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