Philippino brothers charged in brutal murder, cannibalism of their mother

Three brothers tortured, killed and then consumed their mother in what is being called a ritual killing, believing she was evil.

Raps filed vs. siblings who killed, ate own mother | Nation, News, The Philippine Star |

Authorities will file on Monday criminal charges against three Moro siblings who slaughtered their 56-year-old mother and ate her internal organs raw in a bizarre incident in Ampatuan town in the province.

The suspects, Dante Amil, 35, and his younger brothers, Paroy, 21, and Ibrahim, 18, voluntarily yielded when responding barangay officials arrived at their farm to arrest them last Wednesday, hours after they mercilessly killed their mother.

Neighbors said the three men could be under the influence of drugs when they hogtied their mother, Akrima (also known as Musala) Amil, and butchered her using machetes.

The suspects ate parts of the victim’s body raw, according to investigators and personnel of the municipal health office.

Local officials said superstitious elders in the municipality believed the suspects were possessed by evil spirits. They had been subjected to rituals by a local shaman, investigators said.

The article notes that there is rumor of a curse on the family of these three men. But belief like this, it’s noted, is not accepted in Islam.

What is behind this horrific crime? The men had no previously criminal records. Did the shaman have something to do with encouraging this outrageous belief that prompted the murder? Were there psychoactive drugs involved?

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The neighbors reportedly heard the screams and noises for days but were too afraid to do anything. The men, 35, 21 and 18, deny they were cannibalizing the woman. But the blood and organs were missing.

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