Over enthusiastic guys kill a mangy coyote — WOOP WOOP CHUPACABRA

A strange looking animal was killed in Oklahoma. The hunters are excited to call it the legendary chupacabra but the news station remains sane and asks wildlife officials instead.

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Edmond man claims to have shot, killed a chupacabra | KFOR.com.

This past weekend, Evan Brown tells us an animal they believe was a chupacabre tried to attack their French Bulldogs.

Brown said, “We are out at the Brown residence in North Edmond, northeast. We have here the real thing a chupacabra, cousins to the unicorn.”

In an effort to defend their dogs, the family shot and killed the animal.

Brown captured the animal’s image on tape, which NewsChannel 4 brought to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

However, officials say this is not a chupacabra.

Screen shot from video of coyote with mange killed in Oklahoma.

Screen shot from video of coyote with mange killed in Oklahoma.

It’s a mangey coyote as are all other reported “chupas”. But the internet has made the chupie into a blood-sucking monster of epic proportions. In reality, it’s a very sick canid who is desperate for food and who may attack chickens and small pets.

The wildlife officials in Oklahoma concurred. There has never been a capture of an actual unknown species that is the chupacabra. But, that doesn’t deter these guys…

In the end, I’m glad they put this suffering animal out of its misery but ignorance about a so-called monster gets propagated. Yuck.