More misinformation on flu shots, more tragedy (UPDATE: She dies)

A horrible tragedy. The woman dies.

Woman with flu loses her life 3 weeks after losing baby –

Originally published Jan 23, 2014

A pregnant woman and her husband contract the flu. He recovers, she has serious complications. She miscarries the baby and may not survive herself. Why? Because she got bad advice about getting a flu shot during pregnancy.

Woman with flu battles for her life | Health – WCVB Home.

Chris Creekmore said he and his wife had researched tips for healthy pregnancies, and they had come across a recommendation to avoid the flu vaccine in the first trimester of pregnancy. He said he asked his wife’s OB-GYN in Arkansas in October about the matter, and the doctor told them he was wary of giving flu shots during the first trimester.

“I for one don’t count it as a screw-up on his end or anything like that,” Chris Creekmore said of the doctor who advised delaying the flu shot.

The couple did not know that this guidance runs counter to federal health recommendations.

Any pregnant woman should get a flu shot to protect against serious complications as soon as the yearly vaccine becomes available in her area, advises the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website

This is terrible. Please spread the word about this story. I hope doctors also see it. Were they misinformed? Did they not “get the memo”? I can’t say. But it is disturbing that the doctor did not know the current recommendations. He must treat many pregnant women.

This flu year seems particularly awful (maybe I’m just noticing the stories). Healthy people are dying.

Five more flu deaths – Bay Area toll at 27 – SFGate.

Flu-Related Deaths Up Sharply – CBS News.

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  1. January 30, 2014 at 3:25 PM

    The trouble is- that if she miscarried by chance after the flu shot, or had a baby with malformations, her lawyer will make a big case alleging damage by the flu vax. Whatever the recommendations, the doctor faces potentially lengthy, and costly litigation . Far more women miscarry than die of flu. It is all a mess, and often dictated by legal rather than scientific considerations.

  2. seesdifferent
    February 15, 2014 at 9:02 PM

    ah, no, fitzie; actually following federal guidelines is pretty much a slam dunk defense. Lawyers don’t take on losing cases.

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