Loud droning noise over Coventry was not alien invasion

Mystery noise in UK is discovered to a propeller and good old wind-resistance.

Mystery ‘Independence Day’ noise heard in Coventry thought to be old propeller plane – Coventry Telegraph.

Residents across a huge swathe of south Coventry reported hearing a loud droning sound in the skies at around 2.30pm on Friday.

The noise, lasted around one minute and was described by one witness as sounding like something out of an alien movie.

However, the source of the noise appears to be something far less futuristic, with a witness explaining the cause was an historic propeller-driven aircraft taking off into strong winds.

Witnesses described the noise like an alien invasion in Independence Day and were alarmed. It lasted about a minute leaving people confused about its source since they had not heard anything like it before.

People seem sensitized to reporting strange sounds in the sky since 2012 when every weird noise was considered anomalous and mundane explanations such as industrial noise or train sounds were discarded for more sensational causes like Trumpets of the Apocalypse or “earth noises”. Nonsense. The world is a noisy place these days. Certain atmospheric conditions can distort normal sounds into something surprising.

When you hear hoofbeats, as they say, think horses not zebras. It’s almost certainly something mundane. Don’t be alarmed by sky noises, It’s perfectly normal.

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