HOAX ALERT: Tiny time traveler’s watch is not real

Techeblog has posted a hoax story from 2008 (not going to link to it because it CERTAINLY does not make for worthwhile reading). I don’t know why this kind of crap resurrects itself when in two seconds Google produces a slew of links to it. Need blog hits?

Please don’t pass it around. But now you know.

Here is a good look taken at the story originally circulated in December of 2008 out of China.

Advanced “100 yr old” Swiss Ring-watch found in sealed 400-year-old tomb « Xenophilia (True Strange Stuff).

It’s not a watch, it’s not an artifact, and it probably wasn’t even found in a tomb. It’s a joke.

Many of these types of stories are deliberate for a laugh or to make people THINK that there are actual time travelers or alien races or whatnot. If it seems too outrageous to be true, it’s almost certainly not true.


More on Out of Place Artifacts from Skeptoid:

Out of Place Artifacts.

The fact is that OOPArts, for all the excitement they exact, so far have never stood up to any scrutiny. The testable examples, like the Antikythera Mechanism, have proven to fit into our historical understanding and in the best cases, to improve it. The rest, so far, have all turned out to be nonexistent fairy tales (like the Dropa Stones), sensationalized reporting of ordinary objects (like the Coso Artifact), or anything that fits into the historical rewriting agendas of Young Earthers, UFO proponents, or any other group that casts science aside in favor of ideology.

Ancient machine gears embedded in rock? Nope. Crinoid fossils. (Update: hoax) | Doubtful News.

Come on, Russian media! A “UFO tooth-wheel”? Silly. (Update: not extraordinary) | Doubtful News.

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  2 comments for “HOAX ALERT: Tiny time traveler’s watch is not real

  1. Aruvqan Myers
    February 27, 2014 at 3:50 PM

    It *is* a watch, but it is not period to the burial. If you hit google you can find all sorts of vintage finger watches, for the one in the photo, I think it may be either Tiffany or Rolex with Swiss works..

    People drop stuff all the time, and small rodents will haul it off into burrows and it will get mixed into the wrong layer of a dig – that is how a fair amount of stuff is now coming back to the surface in Germany. Doing the Tourist in the Mysterious Orient was so very commonly done even my grandparents did a tour through China and Japan and the Phillipines back in 1918 when they got married. I still have oriental stuff they brought back [as I have some sort of Thai or Balinese temple rubbing, they also probably hit Thailand or Java/Bali/Indonesia as well.] I could easily see someone like my Grandmother drop a watch ring while out seeing some temple or interesting view and some rodent scurrying off with it down a hole.

    • February 28, 2014 at 10:19 AM

      I don’t agree that it looks like working finger watch. Of course, the photos aren’t great.

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