Cryptozoology News — It’s fake

Attention everyone (I’m going to brandish my clue stick and hit you with it today).

Cryptozoology has a terrible reputation for hoaxing, exaggeration and rampant speculation. There are also many fictional news outlets that mimic real sites.

The site “Cryptozoology News” is at least in most instances, a “poe” site. Cryptozoologic stories about monsters, etc are often SO BIZARRE that you can’t tell the difference between a parody site and a real one. Perhaps they really do receive sighting reports from real people but these are unverified and likely made up completely.

Note their copyright page:

The ideas, format and some of the stories and information contained within this website are not always 100% factual…

Not always? Consider the ridiculous stories reported which contain NO REFERENCES!

  • Truck Driver Confronts Giant Insect on Interstate
  • Bigfoot Living Among the Ruins of Detroit!
  • Reptilian Humanoid Startles Bikers in the Sonoran Desert
  • Troll Runs After Train in Flooded England!

COME ON, PEOPLE! Cryptozoologynews is a fictional site. It’s the Cryptozoology Onion and you are falling for it. Media outlets and blogs that report news from the “Cryptozoology News” ( site as if it was factual look like morons. So… stop. It’s for entertainment only. *

Glad you are here at Doubtful News. You probably need a good strong dose of skepticism.

Cheers 🙂

[Thanks Tim Binga!]

*I do wish the owner of that site would be more clear about the fictionality of the site. A clear disclaimer would be nice. It’s borderline unethical.

Character from the game My Singing Monsters. It's fictional.

Character from the game My Singing Monsters. It’s fictional.


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  1. Chris Howard
    February 18, 2014 at 1:52 PM
  2. February 19, 2014 at 12:33 AM

    If only everything were as reliable as the Weekly World News. Though I never did find out what happened to that third Bigfoot sex slave.

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