Brother of murder victim continues to berate paranormal sleuths

Once again, pararnormal group is slammed as being unethical in their pronouncements and promises.

Moors Murders victim Keith Bennett’s brother slams paranormal sleuths over ‘burial spot’ claims – Mirror Online.

The brother of Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett has slammed paranormal sleuths for claiming they know where he is buried.

Alan, 58, accused them of being “immoral” after using EVP, electronic voice phenomena, to “locate” the 12-year-old’s grave.

Alan said: “It is nonsense based on psychic messages.

“We have been plagued by this type for as long as I can remember. They gave false hope but have no answer.

“They never will be of any use in the search for Keith.”

Indeed, you are correct. Psychic and paranormal investigators do no better than chance in guessing or come up with information that someone else without any special powers could also uncover. This is not the first time we have covered stories of family members appalled by the callous self-serving behavior of people who claim to know occult information. To present this info to the public IS disgusting since psychic knowledge, EVPs or any other ghost technique has never been shown to be reliable or even worthwhile at all. Police and families should steer clear from the empty promises of deluded “paranormal” people. The paranormal group is not named but Alan Bennett had previously named Worsley Paranormal Group as the offenders back in 2012.

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On their website, they call themselves “one of the North West’s most respected paranormal investigators”. How many are there and who decided that?

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  1. Angela
    February 17, 2014 at 12:36 PM

    Shared this in our “paranormal bullies” group on Facebook for discussion. This is why I have lost interest in the scene and my passion has become calling it for what it is–and learning more about why people believe.

  2. February 17, 2014 at 8:31 PM

    That’s just shitty. The Moors Murders were terrible, I’ve watched at least three documentaries on them. Unfortunately, in the UK it’s not easy to launch civil suits against people for grievance/emotional distress unless it’s linked to related criminal charges.

    If there was any legal action to take, if I was this guy I’d be taking it. It’s a shame you can’t sue people for douchebaggery.

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