Am I blue? Odd crab found in the Bering Sea

Blue is my favorite color!

Red king crab caught in Bering Sea is lavender-colored, baffling experts |

“I’ve been dealing with crabs for 25 years, but this is the first time to see that color,” Kenetsu Mikami, president of Marusan Ocean Foods, told the Japanese-language Hokkaido Doshin. “It could be a good omen.”

According to in Australia, experts at a research center in Hokkaido believe the peculiar coloration was “the effect of its diet or possibly a mutation causing a lack of pigment.”

There has been some debate on the Internet, with some insisting that radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster is the most likely explanation.

But perhaps a natural mutation causing a pigment change is the most likely explanation. This occurs in rare cases among lobsters, which have been found to be blue, calico colored, two-toned, white, and so on.

With the Fukushima incident fresh in minds, it’s an easy scapegoat. And as we’ve covered before, it’s the go to explanation for all kinds of anomalies. Just check out these stories.

Photo credit: Marusan Ocean Foods

Photo credit: Marusan Ocean Foods

However these crabs were caught in the Bering Sea off the coast of Russia, which is a quite the distance from Japan. This monster was around before Fukushima.

Japan_Bering Sea

We’ve had lots of stories of odd colored crustaceans before. As noted, lobsters in multi-variate hues are a DN favorite. It’s rare but look here, here and here, for examples.

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  1. February 6, 2014 at 8:03 AM

    “It could be a good omen.”

    And since criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot this could point to a new advocation for him.

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    February 6, 2014 at 3:03 PM

    Do you know who else’s favorite color is blue?
    I can give you a hint in three words.
    “Observational science: blue”

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    Am I blue? Azure am!

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