Woman pays psychic $30,000 for help with love issues

Another alleged psychic scam. A local reporter in North Carolina looks into it and for rules for setting up a psychic business and can’t find any.

Action 9: Woman pays $30,000 for psychic session.

The industry of fortune telling isn’t one that is always taken seriously, but one woman claims she was tricked out of $30,000 after she hired a local psychic.

The victim who wants to remain anonymous, said she’s embarrassed, but wants to share her story. She said she met a man and wanted him to fall in love with her.

Stoogenke [the investigator] called that business. The woman who answered said she lives in Ohio now. She said she doesn’t know the woman, and never took $30,000 from any client.

Not much more information is given about the case. Another psychic bemoans how there are “bad ones” out there. The bottom line is, there are NO psychics that can do magical things for you, though some may believe they can and NOT take advantage of people.

It’s unknown whether the victim has filed or will file a report against the psychic. But it is important to get these stories out there. There are claim after claim of psychic fraud where vulnerable people are bilked of lots of money and valuables. We hear about only a few.