This meddling firestarter ghost needs a time out

Home owner claims a ghost child is throwing a fit and causing fires in his residence in Thailand.

Female Child Ghost Causes More Than 30 Fires In House « Pattaya Daily News.

There have been more than 30 mysterious fires in a house in Nakhon Ratchasima province. A fortune teller told the house owner that it was the soul of a girl ghost, aged 2 who manifested her power to burn the house because she wanted to have a new house.

When journalists investigated, they found traces of fire in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Three wardrobes with pillows and clothes were burnt. The family has moved many of their belongings outside and sleep outside the home fearing the fires at night.

The fires began recently and the electrical wiring was checked.

Mr. Somjai Jaesoongnern, aged 30, who is the son of the house owner said that before the incidents occurred he had dreamt continuously for several nights that there was a girl, aged approximately 2 years old who pleaded to stay in this house but at first he didn’t pay attention about this matter and he also didn’t believe about the superstition but after the incident of fire burnings he asked a fortune teller who told him that there is a soul of a girl ghost named “Daeng” has resided in this house for over 30 years but she was not taken care of and she wanted to have the new and beautiful house to stay so she made trouble with this house.

No evidence is given of this history. The owner intends to contact the local monks to bless the house. Obviously, something sounds suspicious. There are not enough details given in the story but I suspect, as usually happens in these cases, that there are multiple natural or more likely human factors involved in these so called “mysterious” cases. The spooky superstition angle is a better sell for the media and many believe it.

There is a strong cultural belief in ghosts in Thailand. Ghosts starting fires is a rather common belief when the cause is not readily apparent.

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  1. January 5, 2014 at 4:18 PM

    Although not exactly a third world country have seen the terrible state of French electrics, as in many islands in the Med & Canaries – a lot of electrics on outside of buildings. rewiring & “modernisation” just consists of running a lot more wires inside & outside, without disconnecting the old dangerous & exposed systems. Suspect it’s something like this, & weather conditions, & electrical shorts causing the problems. Also countries in far east have few if any qualified electricians, or codes of practice, & most are just complete amateurs who wing it all, so even if there were a spate of stories of “spontaneous combustion” i’d not be surprised & somewhat offhand about capability of their electricians.

  2. January 5, 2014 at 9:53 PM

    The EU has tried for years to internationalize wiring and electrical regulations. To some degree they’ve managed it, but local electrical contractors are ignoring it, and their local bodies not enforcing the regulations. I’ve got a lot of good friends who are sparkies and swhich between domestic electrical jobs and railway signalling installation, and they all work all over the world. They’re all in agreement: the majority of modern electrical installation in the world is appalling.

    Even the quality of domestic electrical installation in Australia is pretty poor, which I was surprised about when I moved over here. Also, it’s beyond me why the EU and other governments chose not to adopt the UK mains plug, as it’s the most secure and the safest amongst all other counterparts.

    Accidents waiting to happen – bullshit explanations to follow, I guess.

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