The Strange remains the same for 28 Jan 2014

Soylent Green is people!

Paranormal activity reported at assisted living center | Grand Haven Tribune. | Stopping the Spread of Phoney Info on Social Media.

Mother charged in exorcism deaths was not active member of local church — Gazette.Net.

Reviving Wind Turbine Syndrome is just what you’d expect from a PM without a Science Minister.

Message decoded, again: 3,000-year-old text may prove biblical tale of King Solomon | Fox News.

Boy feared taken and another wounded by crocodile attack in northern Australia tourist attraction – The Independent.

‘Bush knocked down the towers’: Is Macklemore a 9/11 truther? | Twitchy

Nigerian woman disowns ‘gay’ cat.

PHOTOS: Giant Snowballs Mystify Onlookers in Ohio –

Facebook Photo/Mike Fuerst

Facebook Photo/Mike Fuerst


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  1. January 29, 2014 at 8:23 PM

    When will the politically correct Generals quit being sociologists? Most infantry Soldiers/Marines do not want women as buddies in a fire team. McCann and Febrarro site the Russian army in WWII where “hundreds of thousands” of females engaged in infantry combat; I challenge them to site “hundreds of thousands” of specifics. True, many women did engage in partisan activity in WWII as they may have done as VC in the VN war, or as irregulars in the guerrilla Latin American wars. However, to compare partisan/guerrilla irregular force volunteers with standard male infantry rifle team/squad/company is the voice of inexperience. Using the standard Canadien, British and Danish military/social experimentation results as hard data is not viable. Although they are good armies; without the US as allies where do they really stand as world powers? Read history, read about biblical times, the Spartans, the Romans, armies of WWI and II up to today; I’ll bet that you will not find an administrative policy that demands or even advocates using women in infantry combat.

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