The Strange remains the same 02 January 2014

WHOA! We’re off to a sprinting start! SO many posts today. And so many I didn’t even get to. Sorry if I couldn’t read the studies or expound more. We were overwhelmed with strange stories.

Has mysterious ‘Fen Tiger’ been seen in your area? – Official data of sightings in Cambridgeshire released by police | Cambridge City News.

Facebook’s reporting algorithm abused by antivaccinationists to silence pro-science advocates « Science-Based Medicine.

Fortune-teller Jemima Packington uses asparagus to make predictions for 2014 – Mirror Online.

Human Foot Found in Shoe at Jupiter Island | NBC 6 South Florida.

Mexico City dig turns up unusual Aztec offering: a dog’s skull – NBC

How Corpses Helped Shape the London Underground.

As much as I love this video, I will not freak out half the audience by posting it here. Warning: Spiders (harvestmen). Click at your own risk. Horrifying video goes viral – NZ Herald News. And more.


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  1. January 3, 2014 at 12:42 PM

    You made me buy another book|[type|link[postId|1493312117[asin|1416502483[authorId|484848856

    Harvestmen aren’t horrifying, I enjoy watching spiderlings & such.

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