The river ran red with… ink

Blood red water flowing across the countryside is NOT something you just shrug off.

Ink spillage causes ‘red river’ in Northampton – Northampton Chronicle and Echo.

Following an investigation by the Environment Agency and Anglian Water, it is believed that the waterway near to the A43 in Moulton turned red last Thursday due to a quantity of red ink.

He said: “At first I thought something had died as it looked like blood but when it was all the way along we said it must have been a whale to create that much blood.

The authorities traced the source and found it to be red ink but no word on where that originated. It does not take much dye to color an entire stream since it spreads and the dilution needed to make it less visible is very high. The water is reportedly back to normal with likely no lasting harm done. (No word on it being toxic.)

This also happened in China in 2011 when a facility washing red bags allowed the dye-laden water to discharge into the local streams. Scared the crap out of people, obviously. The great Yangtze ran red in September of 2012. There was no official word that I found on what caused that but it is suspected to have been red clay sediment, algae or acid drainage pollution.

red stream

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    January 7, 2014 at 1:08 PM

    Has anyone questioned the Northampton clown?

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