Slippery goop washed up on shore in U.K. is fat

Once again, there are balls of fatty material washing up the English shoreline.

BBC News – ‘Lard-like’ substance washed up on beaches ‘not toxic’.

A white “lard-like” substance washed up on several Isle of Man beaches is either animal or vegetable fat, government tests have proved.

A spokesman said it was “not harmful to humans unless ingested” after a number of samples were analysed by specialists on Monday.

He added that the fat was also “not toxic to the marine environment”.

If this sounds familiar it’s because it’s happened before.

Dogs sickened by rancid food oil washed up on Cornwall beach | Doubtful News. That turned out to be palm oil.

No word on where it originated other than possibly being dumped in the ocean.

lard like substance

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