Another Marks “psychic” sentenced to jail and hefty repayment

At least the repay comes with notice that she committed crimes. Too often psychics get away with just repaying what they took. That’s not good enough. I’m pleased to see the Marks family serving as an example to psychics everywhere (I hope). This is FRAUD.

South Florida and NY psychic Nancy Marks going to prison, must repay $2.2 million to victims – Sun Sentinel.

A South Florida “psychic” who told clients that she could influence everything from terminal cancer to the fate of frozen sperm, was sentenced to federal prison Monday and ordered to repay more than $2.2 million to her victims.

Nancy Demetro Marks, 44, of Fort Lauderdale, must begin serving her prison term of three years and nine months by Feb. 14. She pleaded guilty last year to her considerable role in a massive psychic fraud conspiracy led by her mother-in-law, Rose Marks.

But Nancy Marks was less responsible than her 62-year-old mother-in-law Rose, also of Fort Lauderdale, who faces a much harsher punishment when she is sentenced in March.

Nancy Marks’ defense attorney Michael Gottlieb asked the judge for a lighter sentence, noting that Marks, like most Roma, was the victim of prejudice, received little formal education and had few other job prospects.

At least she seems to show some remorse about her actions as she was quoted saying “I am very shamed. Even though I was raised [to be a psychic] I should have known better and I do know better now.” They have in the past said they would renounce their heritage of women as fortune tellers. I don’t buy it. This is their culture. Scamming people for years out of millions is not acceptable under any excuse, least of all “prejudice” because of their culture. I am pleased to see how the law has come down on this family.

Photo credit: Sun Sentinel

Photo credit: Sun Sentinel

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