Prickly situation: Porcupine falls from above, injuring woman

It’s raining porcupines in Brazil. That is REALLY not funny. A freak incident causes woman serious pain.

Porcupine lands on woman’s head: She gets pricked 200 times – NY Daily News.

A Brazilian housewife ended up in hospital after a porcupine fell on her head, leaving 200 sharp quills in her scalp.

The strange incident happen as Sandra Nabucco walked her dog in Gavea, south of Rio de Janeiro.

The animal was believed to have fallen from a lamppost. The woman was walking her dog at that time and was shocked when the animal landed on her head and she felt the pain from the quills in her scalp. She collected her dog and went home where a neighbor helped her to the hospital where they removed the quills one by one. More: Porco-espinho cai de poste e fere cabeça de moradora da Gávea, no Rio.

No word on the porcupine.


  3 comments for “Prickly situation: Porcupine falls from above, injuring woman

  1. cplamb
    January 21, 2014 at 7:45 PM

    Now how would a porcupine end up atop a lamp post? Logically if a porcupine would climb up a lamp post it could also avoid falling off of it, right? Therefore someone must’ve put it there. Who would have an incentive to put porcupines in lamp posts? Doctors? No, they seem to get enough customers already. How about makers of a product whose use has long been in decline? That’s right! It must be the hatters!

  2. BobJ
    January 21, 2014 at 11:04 PM

    I did not know porcupines could climb, until my dog tangled with one. I had no idea we had them in town (Spokane) until then. After taking our dog to the vet’s office (luckily they were still open) I went home and shown a flashlight around the yard, especially in the area I thought our dog got her rude awakening. Couldn’t find anything. Since it was a warm, late-summer evening, we had a window open, and could hear a rattling in the small tree outside it. Sure enough, the porcupine was up in it. I decided to leave it be, certain it would be gone in the morning, and thankful it had a strong grip since I had been under that tree earlier…

  3. January 22, 2014 at 3:24 AM

    The hatters must be mad to think they can get away with this. 😛

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