Polio security team killed in Pakistan; Officials march on with immunization drive

The insanity continues. This is terrible.

Six polio security police killed in Charsadda blast – The Hindu.

In continuing attacks on polio teams, six policemen on security detail were among the seven killed on Wednesday in an explosion in Charsadda in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

News reports said a 13 -year- old boy was also killed when the police vehicle was targeted. On Tuesday, three polio workers were shot dead in Karachi leading to the suspension of the anti-polio drive in the city.

The policemen were headed out to provide security for polio teams when the improvised explosive device reported to be placed on a bicycle went off. Nine persons were injured in the attack at Sardheri Bazar in Charsadda.

The latest attack comes after Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan remained strongly committed to polio eradication. On Tuesday President Mamnoon Hussain chaired a meeting on Polio Eradication and called on all stakeholders to take part in the Nationwide Polio Campaign for 2014 that began on Monday.

I commend the Pakistani government for not backing down to these extreme anti-vaxers and continue fighting for ridding the country of the debilitating disease. The Prime Minister’s head of Polio Eradication stated that more than 34 million children were going to be vaccinated across the country with over 200,000 workers participating. This must be done.

For previous stories about the horrors polio teams are facing in Pakistan due to conspiracy mongering and a HUGE mistake by the CIA, go here.

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