Plum Island animal disease lab uproots to Kansas

First HAARP closed down (temporarily) and now Plum Island is closed. Oh, to be a conspiracist and not have to rely on rationality when reading the news…

Conspiracy Theorists’ Favorite Lab Is Moving to Kansas –

The stories about Plum Island, an unremarkable 3-mile strip off the coast of Long Island that has long played home to the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, are the stuff of comic books and horror movies.

Now, the government is spending more than $1 billion to move the lab, which studies swine flu, foot-and-mouth disease, and other livestock ailments, from New York to Manhattan, Kan.—and the talk is starting again.

For those who oppose the relocation, news of the funding represented the inevitability that one of the world’s largest “germ labs,” as they describe it, will be located in their community, in the heart of cattle and agricultural land.

Bill Dorsett, of the group No NBAF in Kansas, said Monday that the funding was not necessarily a surprise, but it was a “disappointment.” He said he and other opponents still contend research on deadly animal pathogens should remain in isolation, preferably on an island off the mainland—like the one the lab sat upon for roughly 60 years.

Plum Island is a 3×1 mile island off the coast of Long Island New York. It is owned by the U.S. government as it was bought because of it’s strategic location. It housed former Fort Terry. In 1954 the USDA established the Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) as a secure location to do research on animal pathogens. Access to the island was restricted. In 2003, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) took over the Island and facilities. Secret biological tests were done at this facility making it a natural for suspicion. My first intro to Plum Island was in reference to the Montauk Monster. This strange hairless carcass washed onto Montauk shores and it was speculated that it was an island escapee. It wasn’t – it was a raccoon that spent too long, dead, floating in the ocean.

The lab move is worrisome to activists. This location is not ideal (what location IS though) and Kansas is JUST a bit prone to tornadoes.

Plum Island

Plum Island

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  1. Ryan
    January 31, 2014 at 10:56 PM

    I’ve always thought the repeated claims that Plum Island is isolated have always struck me as kind of funny. Its ~ 1 mile off shore from the North Fork of Long Island. Deer have been known to swim the gap, and birds don’t have much trouble moving back and fourth. Plum’s harbor is a well known and well loved fishing spot ( ). And while its pretty rural out here it isn’t exactly sparsely populated, We’ve got around 20,000 people year round, and that number double or triples during the tourist season. And the Hamptons are just across the bay. Just a few miles further East you’ve got the pretty densely populated rest of Long Island (which includes Brooklyn and Queens BTW), and the largest city in the United States is about 100 miles over land eastward. So despite being an island, Plum isn’t really isolated in the least.

    Locally people are pretty pissed about the lab moving. Its a bunch of jobs leaving an area that has precious few outside of the tourist business. And the plans for the island apparently involve the building of large, private estates; condos; and resorts. We don’t really need any more of that sort of thing out here. The shift in the local economy towards tourism and luxury real estate has not necessarily been good for the area.

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