Noisy booms in Kentucky baffles locals

Don’t panic. Ah… too late.

Unexplained “booms” leaving local neighborhoods shaken.

For the past two days in a row, people in the Local 6 area have reported hearing loud, jolting booms.

The story we first posted Saturday night has more than 500 comments from people who say they have all heard and felt the same thing in counties across western Kentucky and southern Illinois. Public safety officials are trying to figure out what’s causing the noise while people brace themselves for the next big boom.

It’s a mystery making noise in communities and leaving people on pins and needles. Livingston County Emergency Management Director Brent Stringer said all of the rumors have been ruled out. The booms are not being caused by weather, seismic activity, rock quarries, gun shows, or explosives. Stringer said his office will continue chasing the booms until they figure out what they are.

We’ve covered these sky noises and mystery booms for years now (yes, we’ve been around for years). Unexplained booms happen. It doesn’t mean people should panic. However, when you search for an explanation for such things, you end up at mystery-mongering sites like Earth Files or you read comment after comment about how they are from fracking or from a pending earthquake or that the goverment is covering it up.

This piece is WRONG in stating that “there have been reports of unexplained booms from Arizona to Rhode Island. No one has been able to explain them.” There ARE booms everywhere and the explanations are varied – sonic booms from military planes or meteors, shallow earthquakes, quarry blasts, tannerite explosions, cannon fire, or other explosions. Other strange noises have been identified as industrial sounds or trains. There is no rash of sky noises, there is the internet which clusters and magnifies unlike events into something scary and seemingly menacing.

Regardless, I’d be curious what these could be.

Note our other stories from this area: It’s just the normal noises here: Booming Kentucky, then a quake and from 2011 Ground-shaking booms in Kentucky. Cause unknown.

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  1. January 22, 2014 at 4:43 PM

    I’ve nothing for this report, but why do people never consult the websites of their nearest military base or the main DoD site. I’m a warbird nut (modern stuff doesn’t interest me as much as the old prop jobs) & i take the regularly available e mails from many official military sources, which are freely available. They frequently give advance warning of military exercises, missile firings & active live firing days on ranges. For many of these reports of sky booms, strange lights & earth tremors, i’ve found they often occur during exercise & live firing periods. Not debunking them all with a blanket “it’s the military playing with their boys’ toys” for everything, but think a little checking the explanation can often found with a little “Google It” time. Private space projects are also springing up all over North America, & i’m sure it’s not too hard to check these out as well, to clear a few other mysteries up. Wish people would do a bit more research before tagging everything a mystery.

  2. Lydia
    January 26, 2014 at 9:31 PM

    The area reporting the “booms” experienced a small tremor early this evening, similar to the Bath County report.

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