New “Jordan River” appears in Nigeria; People flock to be “healed” in filthy water

Skeptical advocate Leo Igwe reports on a serious situation in Nigeria where desperate and sick people are flocking to a “miracle” site that will bring nothing certain except disease.

‘Mystery Lake’, Miracle Cures And The Looming Epidemic In Enugu State –

According to a local reporter, some Fulani herdsmen heard an explosion on the evening of November 11. And on getting to the point where the explosion occurred they saw some water gushing out of the ground. The herdsman said it was some ‘miracle water’ prophesied in Mecca! They gave some of the water to a blind colleague who reportedly got healed.

Since this incident, the Nanchi mystery lake as it is now called has turned to a pilgrimage center. Hundreds of people visit the dirty polluted lake to bath and swim with the hope of experiencing some miracles. Family members take their sick relatives there for healing. Some testified knowing some people who were healed after bathing in the lake.

From all indications, people who come to swim in this’mystery lake’ will end up going home with diseases, not cures. Nanchi and the neighbouring communities should brace up for an out break of cholera and other infections in the months ahead unless the government brings this hazardous situation under control.

The water is filthy but pilgrims are desperate, beset by fear, poverty and superstition, and seek a miracle cure as an option. Igwe says they are brainwashed and despairs that the local officials do nothing to stop this.

There appears to be NO documented case of healing, but lots of stories. It’s obvious that this is a serious health situation but, in a cursory search, I was not able to find documentation of illnesses.


Enugu healing river: Disaster waiting to happen – Experts – DailyPost Nigeria.

The river, which appears and disappears over the years, is called the “new Jordan”. Locals are taking advantage of the influx of visitors. The Sun News Healing river in Enugu.

“The last time it appeared was in 1992 [Editor: other sources say 1972], and at that time, it just formed a small stream, which later disappeared. It has never been as large as this. This is all I know. We have never known about its healing power, this is the first time we are hearing about healing, I don’t know whether it is true, we equally heard it like you.”

The ‘Orimiri Jordan’ in Nachi has opened up business opportunities for commercial motorcycle operators, popularly called Okada, photographers as well as petty traders.

At the junction leading to the location of the river, a new and busy motor park, where hawkers, food vendors, transporters and okada riders battle for customers has been created.


A toxic soup full of bacteria and viruses. People believe it heals.

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  1. January 5, 2014 at 2:58 PM

    It happens occassionally yet is still considered a miracle.

    Well, toast happens too.

  2. January 5, 2014 at 10:07 PM

    There is another mystery about “healing rivers”, esp. the Ganges. By all rights they should be toxic soups, infecting those who go there for healing. But they are also a good source for bacteriophages. The Ganges is a great source for the phages, which can then be used for more scientific healing.

    I think phages are one of those “true” mysteries that just floor me. If there is a herd of sheep with a bacteria infection, one sheep can be injected with phages and cure the whole group.

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