Mystery goo origin revealed via DNA: When the magpie met the frog

This material found in a park in the U.K. had previously been tested and revealed to be frog spawn but they went another step. I really love that they tested this material.

Test Results Back For ‘Alien Goo’ Found After UFO Sighting in Somerset.

The mystery of alien goo which appeared in Somerset following an apparent UFO sighting has been solved … sort of.

Scientists at the Natural History Museum analysing the sticky translucent matter identified magpie DNA. There was also frog DNA.

Stuart Hine of the Identification and Advisory Service explained: “We did some molecular analysis and we picked up that there magpie DNA in the sample and there is frog DNA in the sample.

“Now that could mean that it’s a frog that’s been ingested by a magpie and the indigestible parts have been coughed up in to the sticky gel. However, we’ve got to explore a bit further.

Magpies eat frogs. Maybe this one didn’t go down so well and the goo was left behind or perhaps it came back up.

There are several options for what gelatinous goo on the ground may be. Frog spawn is one option. We’ve discovered another common option – plant gel, used for water retension, it expands when wet and appears where you didn’t expect it.

Recall this case of goo found in a tree, almost certainly from a frog that was attacked by a bird.

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  2 comments for “Mystery goo origin revealed via DNA: When the magpie met the frog

  1. Bob
    January 23, 2014 at 10:49 AM

    I believe the logical inference that takes in ALL of the evidence, including eyewitness accounts is that aliens have entered the final stage of their magpie-frog crossbreeding program. Derrr.

  2. Lagaya1
    January 23, 2014 at 5:00 PM

    Some people will believe anything! It was clearly not alien. Magpie-frog hybrids were microwaving grapes and produced this plasma.

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