Historic homes all come with ghosts anymore, don’t they?

You may have heard this one recently… advertise your house as “ghost included” and see what that gets you. Now in Florida.

Historic home for sale: ghost included | HeraldTribune.com.

The 1893 Sandlin House on West Retta Esplanate in Punta Gorda is listed for sale at $ 1.59 million […]. The historic house, once said to be haunted by the ghost of the daughter of James Sandlin, has a new addition with modern amenities. The house is a landmark because it has a widow’s walk upon which wives would watch over the harbor for the return of their sea captain husbands.

The place already has “museum” qualities. As with many old houses, it had residents that died there. In old days, children died young, usually from disease. But there was a particular tragedy that is now said to mark the “haunting” of the house.

But perhaps the most notable calamity occurred in 1909, when Sandlin’s 14-year-old daughter, Mary Leah, was ironing on the porch with a gasoline-heated flat iron — a common appliance until World War I.

Somehow, the gasoline spilled and Mary’s clothes ignited. Screaming, she ran ablaze down Harvey Street. Neighbors caught her and put out the flames, but the girl died three hours later.

Ever since, the Sandlin house has been said to be haunted. Natalie and Vander Wynn can attest to that.

“It is just part of the thing about this house,” she said.

Except we’ve never found and identified a ghost. We can’t say that “haunting” is a spirit. It’s a cultural thing. It appears the haunting comes as part of the ambiance of the house itself, as it does with many historic properties that are almost presumed to be spooky these days. Of course, an old house has many structural issues due to age, as well as electrical and plumbing quirks. However, it’s far more common to WANT to attribute such quirks to the paranormal. If those who claim to have haunted houses were really interested in finding out what’s going on, they might ask actual investigtors, not paranormal investigators or ghost hunters (who attribute everything to the paranormal rather than investigate), who could publish a good case study on a so-called haunted house. That would be interesting. But it’s not done.

Regardless, this house does not need a story to sell it, it’s just as charming without it.

Interested in purchasing? Here is the realtor site. (Ghost Chasers, don’t be twits and bug the realtor or owners for a chance to investigate. That’s despicable.)

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  2 comments for “Historic homes all come with ghosts anymore, don’t they?

  1. Brian
    January 19, 2014 at 11:01 PM

    I live in an apt in fl- used to be military housing. I have NO preconceptions of stories, etc of this place- but- I have heard on 2 occasions, whispering. First time, no one around who *could* whisper. The words, I couldn’t really catch, I think it said my name- but I could tell where it was coming from. Second time, same thing- different room. Sounded just like an EVP.

    There’s a tiny detail missing from the above. I have also been under a double buttload of stress. There’s work related, state govt related, kid related (ever try to raise a really gifted kid? Oy!), and even the normal stress of the day heaped into one giant mess. I have had nightmares that would make Stephen King barf. I have heard ‘voices’. Things is, they mumble and are indistinct. I have been told that I am not schizo, per se- the stress levels are starting to play havoc with my senses. (we’re leaving in a couple months. Once I destress, this will go away).

    Now, take someone who is so convinced ghosts are in every nook, cranny and woodshed that looks creepy…. add in some woo and an imagination sprinting for the hills- and voila! Hauntings! I think people like that create their own stress and haunt themselves, really.

  2. Chris Howard
    January 20, 2014 at 7:48 AM

    For one point six million dollars it better be haunted–by a whole staff of cleaning personell, and groundskeepers!

    @ Brian. That sounds like some way serious stress, you’re dealing with. I know this sounds cliched, but do find time to “de-stress.”

    Constant, unhealthy stress will really take a toll on your physical, and mental health, as well as your relationships.

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