Family hopes missing boy was just temporarily detained by a mermaid

A sad story of a missing boy lost in a river in South Africa.

Mpuma family believes mermaid took missing boy | News24.

Police divers have yet to find the body of a 12-year-old boy who went missing in a tributary of the Sabie River in Mpumalanga on 31 December.

Siyabonga Masango’s family believed a mermaid had taken him, but would release him in time for school on Wednesday, after they performed some rituals.

The boy was reported to have dissappeared into the water. The police official believes he either drowned or been attacked by a crocodile. One unnamed witness claims he saw the boy dragged into the water (no additional details about what dragged him in). I’m not clear why the family believes it was mermaids other than some hope that he will be found and that belief in mermaids as actual (but magical) beings is commonplace in that culture of South Africa. One belief in water spirits relates to the Mami Wata.

Native art depiction of Mami Wata - artist unindentified.

Native art depiction of Mami Wata – artist unindentified.

Read about her here: Mami Wata and the Nigerian “Mermaid” Riot | Skeptical Humanities.

She is said to resemble a mermaid, snake or crocodile. Brian Siegel, “Water Spirits and Mermaids: The Copperbelt Case”.