Dog blamed for house explosion

It’s no fun to come home to fire trucks around your house.

Greyhound puppy blows up owners’ house in Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire, after chewing through can of Lynx deodorant | Metro News.

Greyhound cross Zeus was left alone for just ten minutes before he sparked an explosion so powerful it shattered double-glazed windows, blew through floorboards and set a sofa on fire.

The six-month-old pup had chewed through a can of Lynx deodorant and, as it contents sprayed out, they were ignited by the heat from a lamp.

The blast caused £2,000 of damage but Zeus, along with five other pets in the house, escaped uninjured.

The highly flammable spray under pressure was left in the room from Christmas. No one was around to see the dog chew it but one would assume they found tooth marks on the can. However, that’s not mentioned. But there was a source of ignition so perhaps the can just exploded from the heat. It’s difficult for a dog to chew a can like this (too smooth) but I’m sure it can be done. I feel bad if he got a mouthful of Axe/Lynx. Yuck. But it’s a relief none of the pets were hurt. Pet proof your house and crate your puppies while you are away, to be safe.

He's such a cute pup, how can you stay mad at him?

He’s such a cute pup, how can you stay mad at him?

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  1. January 13, 2014 at 8:18 AM

    Another chapter in the war between cats & dogs – those kitties are tricky.

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